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This page is ment to be a brief overview of the different models, and history, in the Ford Granada line. But why, you may ask. This line of cars, was to become a special elite of cars - they had a complete unique way of driving, comfort, sound and look. The closest, you would come to the american classic cars, which was too expensive to drive in Europe. This made owners that were to become fans forever, all over the world.

Today, there exist several clubs about these cars, with very interested, and serious members - much more than seen on other ordinary cars, so far I have seen.

1972 Mark I Serie I

It all began with the Ford Granada 2300, in 1972. It was also called Consul, in other parts of the world. It was built big, special soft suspension, and for long trips. Ford described it as the car for you, who want good space, but can't let go of the sports car dreams. It had 2 or 4 doors, a 2.3 L V6 108 HP engine. The engine, was also available in 3.0 L. Ford said, that no matter which engine you choose, you will get performance like a sports car.

Pictures of the 1972 Ford Granada 2300 (Consul)

Release of the Ford Granada 3000 GLX - This was the top model, in 1972. It was based on the Ford Granada 2300, but with all optional equipment as standard. It had the 3.0 L V6 Essex engine, built in England, power steering, faded windows in front and rear, and sun roof.

Picture of the 1972 Ford Granada 3000 GXL

In 1974, the Ford Granada 2300, was renamed to Ford Granada 2300 XL, and the design was made more simple, to give more difference, to the Ford Granada 3000 GLX model. It was by Ford also known as the Fastback Coupe. Now 2 doors were also available. The 2.3 L engine was replaced with Essex 2.6 L 125 HK. A stationcar model were available, and was named Ford Granada 3000 XL Combi. It was only available with the 3.0 L engine.

Ford Granada 3000 Ghia - This model had all equipment, plus wooden interiour and thick sound isolation, and also came out in 1974. It had a different type of front grill. The reason for this name, was that Ford just bought the designer company Ghia in Turin, and therefore choose this name for their new top model.

1975 Mark I Serie II

In 1975, smaller engines was now available. Simplest was the Ford Granada 2000 GL, with 99 HP. All engine size's was avaible.

This Ford Granada 2300 L came out in 1975, and had new things as the trip counter, and mats on the floor.

The Ford Granada 2600 GL came out in 1975, and was available in all kinds of build, including 2 or 4 doors, and stationcar. The stationcar, had a 3.0 L V6 engine and automatic gear box. Now, the car was equipped with sun roof, instrument lights, faded windows, and power steering. Now, the L and GL series, was available in in a socalled S model, which was the sports edition to replace the Ford Consul GT, and had harder suspension, aluminum wheels, 3.0 L engine and a sports steering wheel.

The top of the line, was Ford Granada Ghia, and had this year been equipped with aluminum wheels, and a black front grill. This was also in 1975.

Pictures of the 1975 Ford Granada

In 1976, because of restrictions in Sweeden, the only engines now available was the 2.0 L 87 HP and the 2.6 L 107 HP.

Picture of the 1976 Ford Granada 2.3

In 1977, the 2.0 L engine now produced 95 HP, except for the automatic gear box models of this, who still had 87 HP. This Ford Granada 2000 Traveller was a very equipped model, ment for selling out the last cars, due to the upcoming new series.

Picture of the 1977 Ford Granada Ghia 2.8i

1978 Mark II Serie I

These models came out in 1978. It was the same car, but with new look, new interiour, and now available with 2.8 L 151 HP V6 engine. Also new, was the 2.1 L 63 HP diesel engine. The models available was now 2.0 L, 2.3 L, 2.1 DL, 2.8 L, 2.8i GL, 2.8 i GLS and 2.8i Ghia.

Pictures of the 1978 Ford Granada 2.0 L

In 1980, the interiour was changed.

Pictures of the 1980 Ford Granada

Pictures of the 1981 Ford Granada

1982 Mark II Serie II

These models came out in 1982. The design was changed, so the front corners now went around the corner, and the rear lights was now rippled. The diesel model, was upgraded to a 2.5 L 69 HP engine. 2 doors was no longer available. Models now available, was 2.3 L, 2.5 DL, 2.8 i L, 2.3 GL, 2.8 Injection, and 2.8i Ghia. All models, except for the Ghia, was available in stationcar.

In 1983, the 5 speed manual gear box was available.

This model, was produced until 1985, where it was replaced by the Ford Scorpio, also called Mark III.

Picture of the 1984 Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia

Picture of the 1985 Ford Granada 2.8 Injection

Picture of the Ford Granada 2.8 GL

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